Friday 7-9 Open Pairs


22-Sep-172v12v12v14v54v54v53 plays bye1Bowls Zone
29-Sep-173v43v43v42v52v52v51 plays bye2Eagles
06-Oct-172v32v32v31v51v51v54 plays bye3Jolly Farmers
13-Oct-174v14v14v15v35v35v32 plays bye4Woods
20-Oct-171v31v31v34v24v24v25 plays bye5Young and Co*
27-Oct-173 plays bye2v12v12v14v54v54v56BYE
03-Nov-171 plays bye3v43v43v42v52v52v5
10-Nov-174 plays bye2v32v32v31v51v51v5Rules
17-Nov-172 plays bye4v14v14v15v35v35v3each individual game 2pts for a win and 1pt for a draw
24-Nov-175 plays bye1v31v31v34v24v24v22 points for the overall agregate
01-Dec-173 plays bye2v12v12v14v54v54v509-Feb-188pts maximum
08-Dec-171 plays bye3v43v43v42v52v52v516-Feb-18Handicap will be allocated to each team after the results
15-Dec-174 plays bye2v32v32v31v51v51v523-Feb-18of the previous week
22-Dec-172 plays bye4v14v14v15v35v35v302-Mar-18shot difference will count overall to final league position
29-Dec-175 plays bye1v31v31v34v24v24v209-Mar-18should there be a tie on points at end of season
05-Jan-183 plays bye2v12v12v14v54v54v516-Mar-18in the case of a game not fully played i.e. one team
12-Jan-181 plays bye3v43v43v42v52v52v523-Mar-18only turning out with 4 players - the cancelled game to be played
19-Jan-184 plays bye2v32v32v31v51v51v530-Mar-18within 3 weeks with named players involved
26-Jan-182 plays bye4v14v14v15v35v35v306-Apr-18
02-Feb-185 plays bye1v31v31v34v24v24v2The team playing the BYE will receive 8 points and 15 shots